Long Arm Cylinder Extra Heavy Duty Compound Feed Lockstitch


This model is one of the products from the highlead extra heavy duty series, featuring compound mechanism and arm cylinder bed. Its powerful and steady feeding enables you to sew multiple heavy weight materials with neat and decorative stitches easily. The improved special large shuttle hook and bobbin capacity offers high effeciency in sewing production. The bobbin winder is on top of the machine head and the presser foot lift can be up to 20mm. Its application covers the stitching of handbag handles, cases, bags, and other heavy duty or extra heavy duty work.

Technical Parameters


Max. Sewing Speed:800r.p.m.

Stitch Length:7.5mm

Needle Bar Stroke:56mm

Take-up-level Stroke:9.6mm


PresserFootlft(Byknee Agsjiftig):23mm

Bed Size in Dia:81 mm

Bed Length:960mm

Needle Size:DYx3

shuttle Hook:KSP-204N

Lubrication Mode:Manual

Motor:550W Clutch motor 1400r.p.m

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  • Brand: kingstar
  • Product Code: KS-411N
  • Availability: 1

Tags: Handbag handles, cases, bags, tents