• KS-253

Top And Bottom Feed Extra Heavy Duty Lockstitch Sewing Machine


•Adopt full-rotating big axe and shuttle that is suitable for thick thread sewing.

•Adopt strong and durable mechanism design that is applicable for sewing large objects and extra-thick materials.

•Accurate feeding during machine sewing: upper and lower materials will slide so seams and stitches are beautiful.

•Suitable for shipping sack, tent, seat cushion, buff wheel (cotton wheel), horse gear, R-Madrid bag, vehicle hood, waterproof cloth, luggage and denim, etc.

•Large rotating shuttle and upper and lower feeding make it easier to sew thick materials.

Technical Parameters


Application:Heavy-Extra heavy

Needle Bar Stroke:50.8mm 

Max. Sewing Speed:1200's.p.m.

Needle size:DDx1 27#

Stitch Length:0-12.7mm

Rotating Hook:KRT132



Presser Footlft(Byknee):18mm

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  • Brand: kingstar
  • Product Code: KS-253
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Tags: Leather, canvas, tents, waterproof fabrics, safety belts, shoes, boots and bags, sofa