Zigzag Sewing Machine For Extremely Materials


This kind of machine is a new product of Kingstar sewing machine for thick materials, which adopts connecting rod ta take-up thread and shuttle to hook thread. The needle is vertical to puncture mechanism. It is a kind of long-arm zigzag sewing machine for extremely thick materials. Spacious operation table is suitable for sewing large objects easily. In addition, synchro-nous wheels make it more stable and stronger feeding power for the purpose of multilayer thick materials sewing. At the same time, stitch of the machine is accurate and beautiful. It also adopts imported large-scale special type shuttle hook that has a large amount of bobbin thread with high sewing efficiency, applicable for thick materials such as tent, sails, leather, seat cushion, sofa, lug-gage and edge seam.

Technical Parameters


Highest Rotating Speed:700 rp.m

Maximum Stitch Length:10mm (0-10)

Maximum Swing of Zigzag Seam:12mm(0-14)

Zigzag seaming mode:2 points, 3 points and 4 points

Needle Bar Stroke:50.8mm

Take-up-level Stroke:106.8mm

Needle:DΥx3 26#

Shuttle Hook:Large semi-rotating shuttle hook

Lifting Height of Presser:20mm

Lubrication Mode:Manual oiling

Operating Space:3.20mm x 1.85mm


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  • Brand: kingstar
  • Product Code: KS-366-32
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Tags: Leather, canvas, tents, waterproof fabrics, safety belts, shoes, boots and bags, sofa