Lengthened Head Fluctuation Thick Thread Lock-stitch Sewing Machine


Divided into single and double head needle. Synchronized feeding of needle bar and feed dog. The comprehensive performance of the machine is specially designed for smooth drive train, low noise, large operational space. The installation of the clutch device prevents the rotating hook from overloading. ensuring product safety, as well as the rotating hook and the convenient operation of pedal type reversefeed, push-button type needle-distance regulating mechanism, adapts to the concealed bobbin winder, equipped with the automatic lubrication rotary horizontal hook. It can reduce the frequency of changing the baseline when sewing thick material. It is suitable for leather, artificial leather, canvas, nylon chemical fibre, synthetic material, rubber and so on These extra heavy materials are used for sewing sails and tents, as well as sofa cushions


Bed Type:KS-243L/242L、KS-4420T

Sewing Speed:8000s.p.m(KS-243L/242L)、2,000s.p.m.(KS-4420T)

Stitch Length:12mm(KS-243L/242L)、9.0mm(KS-4420T)

Height of Presser Foot:20mm(KS-243L/242L)、 16mm(KS-4420T)


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  • Brand: kingstar
  • Product Code: KS-243L/242L
  • Availability: 1

Tags: Handbag handles, cases, bags, tents