Machine for shoes

Machine for shoes


·         Leather indent sewing machine, changed the separate parts can crease sewing according to the desired specification.

·         By virtue of back and forth feed dog and the reinforcing band can create the crease pattern desired, adapted automatic presser foot lifts and makes oriental tonal functions convenient and it suitable for sewing shoes, sofa and leather goods


·         Edge trimming machine for leathers

KS-03 AND KS-332A

·         Standing MacKay stitches and multifunctional inside and outside stitching machine

KS-491 (9910)

·         This compound feeding machine works with upper roller, lower wheel and needle feeding synchronizer, ensuring consistently smooth sewing.

·         Even when joining other materials for overlap sewing.


·         It adapts the sliding bar thread take-up and vertical rotary hook to form two- thread lockstitch. The arm shaft and hook shaft transfer the drive by high precise spiral bevel gear. Push-button stitch regulator and lever style back sewing device make machine operating ease. Its features manual lubrication, simple structure, low noise, smooth running and easy maintenance. It is also available for sewing shoe.


·         With 360 degrees rotatable presser foot and a 28mm mini cylinder, small and difficult angles can be easily reached for sewing. It is suitable for sewing shoes,toys and leather product

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