Machine for Jackets (gentleman and ladies)

 Machine for Jackets (gentleman and ladies)


·         Uses computer-controlled servo motor to control the feeding system which reduces the need for many spare-part, and makes the function of the machine more stable.

·         The touch screen design simplifies many processes such as changing the length of pin-point and stitch length.


·         Tacking and basting of jackets, over coasts, ladies jacket etc.

·         Very good handling due to the new cylindrical bed cover, low vibration, lower noise level and easy operation with control panel.

·         The 18mm foot lift makes it easy to sew even thick padding , integrated bobbin threat winder and sewing head auto select system to recognize the preset parameters for service purposes.


·         Shoulder cotton attaching machine

KS-151M and KS-510

·         Cut shoulder cushion machine and sleeve setting machine


·         Up to 50 gathering styles to fulfil different fulfil requirement for various sleeve style, size and material. Each sleeve seam can be divided up into 12 sections.

·         Servo electronic motor.

·         Suitable for lapel running stitching, men’s jacket sleeve setting and lapel, bottom running stitching, ladies outwear sleeve setting and special design sleeve.

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