Machine for Jeans

Machine for Jeans


·         This machine is designed for straight stitching of waistbands on denim and non-denim garments it is equipped with rear puller for smooth operation on thick fabrics even when crossing seams


·         Double needle with front cutting knife for sewing trouser belt loops.

SPM: 4000, SIZE: 5mm , NEDDLE SIZE: TVX5 140#


·         Lockstitch cylinder –bed machine with synchronous motor enabling continuous operation on the upper and lower puller feed, behind the needles. (hemming width 12.7mm, hemming diameter 200mm)

·         Suitable for hemming jeans wear, work-wear and trouser bottom.


·         This machine is generally used for lap seaming on heavy weight fabric. Mainly as in seaming or side-seaming on jeans and industrial work wear. Equipped with top drive puller and a differential feed mechanism to feed heavy weight  fabrics accurately, so that material slipping can be prevented. (i.e. machine easily in-seam jeans even on the cross-seam section)


·         This machine is used for pocket bar tacking.

·         Jeans bar tacking


·         Electronic eyelet buttonhole machine, it can be sewn in the shape desired and simply select when to cut: before or after sewing.

·         This machine is suitable for sewing buttonhole on jeans and trousers 

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