Usage:For Sewing Medium To Thick Fabrics,Bags,Attache cases,Shoes,Sports,Caps,Gloves,Canvas tent,Garments,Jeans,Golf Gloves,Diving Suits,Sports Goods,Sofa, Leather & Cylindrical products.

Attached with flat bed stand,the functions of cylinder bed and flat bed are available.


1.Advanced Dial for feed adjustment.

Feed amount is adjustable easily by setting a suitable number on the advanced dial.

2.large hook.

By adaption of large hook,the winding volume of lower thread is increased and due to this feature and the frequency of lower thread replacement is minimized.Due to this,sewing efficiency is a remarkably heightened.

3.Convenient reverse feed lever.

Reverse feed can be performed by soft touch on press-down lever with spring return.

4.Automatic lubrication system.

The lubrication to sewing hook components is made automatically done from the oil-reserve and ensures long term sewing efficiency.

5.Particularly well suited for sewing problem materials.Especially such having slippery o elastic, materials.

6.Suitable for sewing concave, convex, spheroidal, tubular, bowl-like objects.

7.Suitable for sewing small pieces odd and small curved uneven shapes,with strong climbing capability and even stitch.

8.When Sewing When sewing multi-layer leather fabrics, the inner layer will not move.

9.Hemming and pipping attachments can be fitted for sewing various edges.

10.Thread guides are clearly arranged.

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