Domestic Machine


·         KS-900

Memory capacity:2,000,000 stitches.

Large touch-screen LCD.

With break alarm function, automatic routing capabilities,auto trimmer. Trouble-shooting tips and warning function,faulty-oparation and it can ease the conduct of synchronized storage. Embroidery a maximum speed of 650 needle/min. Pattern can be 90 degrees per step.

Embroidery dimension:110x110

Embroidery speed:650 stitch/minute

Machine dimension:390x220x300mm


·         KS-1300

Memory capacity:2,000,000 stitches.

Large touch-screen LCD. The  operative software support Windows 2000 and windows xp.

Embroidery system can read the common embroidery data format(such as TAJIMA software)

Body size:390x220x300 mm

Packing size: 510x375x370 mm

Net weight:9 kg

Gross weight: 10 kg


·         N830H&M

Multi-function domestic sewing machine, for household sewing boasting sixty kinds of embroidery patterns.


·         CM-974

This machine has an upper rotating hook. The voluntary vogue creations becomes possible with the buttonhole function, button sewing, zipper sewing, edge stitching, overlocker and etc. speed is 800 stitches per minute and it has 30 kinds of sewing patterns.


·         KP-889

This machine is light weight. Aluminium alloy body, convenient to carry. Extension bed.


·         KP-900

Has one step buttonhole stitch and an additional 18 stitches it has a front loading hook system, auto step bobbin winding retractable spooling pins that retract for storage and a carrying case. The sewing table is detachable.


·         DF1824

Has four step buttonhole stitch and additional 24 stitches. It has a front loading hook system.


·         DF14U554AD/DF14U553AD

Smart appearance and stitching. Easy to operate. Differential feed ratio can be adjusted easily from the side of the machine: Accessory box is built in the machine

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