KS-1954DS-Bartacking machine(Cap,Trouser pocket,Jeans,Shoe bartacking standard)


·         Underwaist shoulde bartacking(m standard)

·         Case and shoe tongue bartacking (g standard)

·         Cap round shape bartacking (o standard)

·         Chest belt (f standard)

·         Trouser pocket (s standard)

·         Jeans bartacking ( h type

·         Lift of the work clamp: max 17mm

·         Max sewing speed: 2300 rpm(1800rpm for synthetic thread0

·         Needle type and size: DPX5( #11-23#)

1906 module equipped with horizontal 50mm vertical 40mm the sewing range , the software is easy to load and is compatible with a variety of non-woven fabrics i.e. ribbon,children’s clothing

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