Coverseam-KS-W562-15KP- Interlock(Trousers ears)

Coverseam-KS-W562-15KP- Interlock(Trousers ears)


ü  The only machine that provides excellent results thanks to the new tension system for sewing, fabric and yarn changes, especially for high and flexible lycra fabrics.

ü  Hemming, blinding and cover stitch etc. two feed dogs and presser foot,it can sew trouser.

ü  It suitable for T-shirt , polo-shirt and underwear etc

ü  This machine is developed on the basis of the latest interlock sewing machine and can be used for trimming, equipment with 2 knives on the left and right sides., easy to exchanged, applicable for sewing children’s apparel, underwear, sportswear and other kinds of decorative seaming could meet the high quality.






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