KS-1201CSF-Single head embroidery


Ø Single head embroidery.

Ø T-Shirt embroidery

Ø Cap embroidery.

Ø Flat embroidery could be manually changed.

Ø Embroidery area: 400x450mm, 15.7”x17.7”

Ø Adapted cylinder bed construction, enabling directembroidery on the garment e.g, T-shirt and caps.

Ø Frame for T-shirt embroidery, wheel, frame for flatembroidery and USB portal

Ø Advantage: the machines light and compact designenables portability while capitalizing on its trendy new look. The practicalmechanism design ensures relative noise reduction



Ø  Speed: Maximum 850 SPM.

Ø  Frame unit: 270 wide cap

Ø  Memory size: 1.000.000 stitches

Ø  Electricity: 110V/60Hz OR 220V/50Hz

Ø  Start, stop and emergency button.


Clothing, skin and textile

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